Author Topic: Map reset in progress, switching to Skyfactory 3  (Read 322 times)


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Re: Map reset in progress, switching to Skyfactory 3
« Reply #15 on: October 05, 2017, 02:42:22 PM »
Awe, the whole point of the pack is to Automate the processes. So the IC2 blast furnace is easily automated with a couple transfer nodes and filters, also can be heated with an electric heater. I usually throw up a few solars or wind gens and a CESU and let it go to town. The next step in steel is the IE blast furnace, which just takes coal coke. Once you get to Age 6ish and make EnderIO machines and Immersive Engineering Heavy Engineering Block machines. It opens up a lot with options. I won't lie and say it gets a little grindy, especially before you get some sort of quarry/void resource generation going. All in all I'd say I had to manually mine up about 15 stacks of iron, also the initial 8 diamonds you need for the basic IC2 machines can be rough if your unlucky.

As far as late game goes once you get an AE setup going its just a matter of setting up autocrafting for everything. Which is age 10, beyond that you need resources from space but you can also make a digital miner, which makes getting them stupidly easy. By far the most annoying thing I've had to do is breed bees without gendustry, and that's just to make the angel ring which gets you the trophy for the last age.

For TechReborn there is literally 1 machine you must use to get to progress to 'endgame' and a few more to go beyond like me with the bees. There is a point as well where you must use UU-matter to replicate Iridium, which you can only find in dungeon chests, finding some is not that bad. But making enough EU to replicate it can be.

Anyway, you do have some valid points and it really isn't for the faint of heart. Looking forward to the new pack.
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Re: Map reset in progress, switching to Skyfactory 3
« Reply #16 on: October 05, 2017, 09:33:02 PM »
Yeah, if I was only catering to the hardcore among us, I'd do AoE in a heartbeat, I love the level of challenge it presents.  But not everyone shares our tastes, and I have to cater to as wide an audience as possible.

There'll be some endgame options available for us nuts, but I want the early to midgame to be manageable for everyone.  With AoE, it's not.