Author Topic: Mekanism mod  (Read 794 times)


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Mekanism mod
« on: October 20, 2015, 05:53:17 AM »
I would like to suggest the mekanism mod for one reason. Digital Miner. Yeah I know we have ender quarry, but ender quarry for me is useless if I can't specify what ores I want and what I don't. Also I know that the DM has a limit of 32 blocks radius, but it's something that I'm willing to accept over the unlimited radius of EQ. Also I prefer it's advanced machines over rotarycraft because are much better in size and funcionality even the extractor.


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Re: Mekanism mod
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2015, 09:15:53 PM »
That's exactly why we don't have the digital miner...because it can specify exactly what to target.  I don't want people saying "I want diamonds", going into the mining world, plunking down a machine, having it harvest all of the diamonds in range, and then move it, repeating ad nauseum until I have to regen the mining world because nobody can find any damned diamonds anywhere.

Ender quarries are limited to a 64x64 block of operation by the rules.  Although they can technically be set larger than that, it's not permitted.  Anyone we find violating this rule...well, the standard punishment is to go into creative mode, punch out the ender quarry, then figure out what was powering it and punch THAT out, then figure out where the stuff it was mining was sent and punch THAT get the idea.