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General Discussion / Re: Who will be playing on this new server?
« on: July 23, 2017, 06:31:14 PM »
Should be, although if you're planning on coming back, I'd urge you to wait for the updated pack which will probably be coming out within the next week (for either 1.11 or 1.12, depending on how ambitious I get and if all mods we're wanting are updated)...and to make sure you read the updated rules, things have changed a bit as the administration and moderation teams have changed.

Server Information and Rules / Re: Official Rules
« on: July 23, 2017, 06:25:39 PM »
Updated, total rules rewrite to better fit our current situation and admin/moderation team's guidelines.

General Discussion / Re: Who will be playing on this new server?
« on: July 21, 2017, 10:08:34 PM »
Gult's almost always runs a custom pack.  On occasion, we'll take a break and play a 3rd party pack, but most of the time, it's one I've put together myself.

General Discussion / Re: Who will be playing on this new server?
« on: July 19, 2017, 07:21:06 PM »
Right now the server's kinda dead.  We're in need of a server update, badly, due to map corruption and destability because of some weird mod conflict between Quark and Forestry that left both completely unusable due to fear of block drift, which is the only thing I can think of to call what happened.  Basically, at seemingly random intervals, any Quark or Forestry entities in the world that are loaded into memory will morph into...something else.  Beehives to greenhouse controllers.  Basalt to sugar cane slabs.  That kinda stuff.

We're about 90% ready for the map update.  I apologize that I haven't been keeping you guys up to date here, but, well, the forum's been down for all of recent memory and Kozack just noticed this evening that it's live again.  We have a backup forum we set up at that we'll be keeping around in case this happens again.

I'll update this forum in a day or two with the current map reset progress.

A pulverizer did?  From Thermal Expansion?


If we don't catch each other on Gults, PM me on here with a list of the stuff you can confirm you lost and the coords of your base and I'll leave you a care package.

As far as a Discord, I've considered it, but the last time I tried seriously using Discord for anything, there were a few glitches here and there, and having both a Teamspeak and a Discord would cause a division of the community, I think.  Half the people on one voice service, the other half on the  But maybe, who knows.

Yeah, you're fucked.

Hop on the Teamspeak or catch me in game and I will reimburse anything you lost.

Okay, now that I got your attention with the title...

We're experiencing what to me appears to be a limited sort of map corruption.  Both Quark and Forestry have corrupted blockIDs, which means if you find a Forestry house or a place made out of Quark worldspawned blocks you are going to see some weird shit.  Like, not "haha thats funny that looks weird" weird, but "oh my god who smoked what when they came up with this abomination?" weird.

So far, it's only these two mods that are affected.  It's not widescale enough that it's forcing a map reset, so I'm going to hold off on it as long as possible.  If you built your base using any Forestry or Quark blocks, expect extreme weirdness.  If you had beehives near your place, they are most likely now Forestry greenhouse climate controller blocks that still somehow magically spit out bees but are completely unbreakable by any tool of man or gods (seriously, I can't even destroy them in creative mode, which has me more concerned than anything else).

If it gets any worse or any of our "core" mods are affected, this might force my hand on a reset.  Cross your fingers, I don't want to do one yet either.

May as well fess up before I crawl through the logs to figure it out.  If I find you through the logs, I'm banning you.  If you come clean, I may just blow up your base.

News and Announcements / Re: Map reset and modpack update, 3/9/17
« on: March 10, 2017, 12:26:57 PM »
Since the update, we have had zero hard or soft errors that I can see in the logs.

It's important that if we have any stability problems that I know ASAP so I can determine if it's something we want to fix immediately or something we want to wait on.  I want this map to last us a good couple of months at least.

News and Announcements / Map reset and modpack update, 3/9/17
« on: March 10, 2017, 02:29:31 AM »
Due to overwhelming community choice, I went ahead this evening and updated the server's modpack to get rid of Extra Utilities 2 (which was crashing the everloving shitfuck out of us), and add Mystical Agriculture, No More Craft Conflicts (if you try to craft an item that has 2 possible outputs you can cycle between them with the little arrow), Bed Bugs (gives you a KICK ME button for if you get stuck in a bed), Thermal Expansion, and Extreme Reactors.

Mystical Agriculture has MOST things enabled.  I disabled some stuff that was completely ridiculously OP, like growing draconium, yellorium, vibrant alloy, diamonds/emeralds, etc. but left the rest.

Extreme Reactors has a 10x fuel multiplier and a .7 power multipler.  This means that it burns fuel 10x as fast and only produces 70% of the power.  I did this because I want people to consider pros and cons of various power generation alternatives instead of just going "BIG REACTORS DONE".  You'll have a choice between low-output power that's easy to build and operate (Thermal Expansion, Ender IO, Actually Additions, etc.), moderate power that's expensive but easy to automate (Extreme Reactors) or difficult to fully automate and requires infrastructure but is cheap once you get it (IC2 nuclear reactors), and high output power that's really expensive, difficult to fully automate, and carries potential side effects (Deep Resonance).

We also have a mining world.  Use the teleporter near spawn to get there.  The dimension is fully powered, you don't have to worry about it ever depleting and killing you.

Server Information and Rules / Re: Official Rules
« on: March 10, 2017, 01:59:18 AM »
Rewrote and reorganized rules to make more sense with the current server setup.

Server Information and Rules / Re: Official Rules
« on: March 10, 2017, 01:46:31 AM »
Quoted to archive for rewrite of original post.

These rules are subject to change without notice. Please check often to be sure you are up to date on the do's and don'ts. Thank you!

The Golden Rule:  Remember that you are playing on a multiplayer server.  Do not build or do anything that is going to potentially ruin the experience for other players by impeding on their ability to play the game, either directly or due to lag induced by your machines.  If we find something that is harmful to the server, we reserve the right to destroy it with or without notice, and with or without compensation.

I) General Rules
    A) Please be respectful. Always use common sense.
    B) No griefing! Plain and simple: what's yours is yours; what's theirs is theirs.
         - We are a zero-tolerance server on this.  Your first offense might be your last, due to a swift shot from the ban-hammer.
    C) Repeated abuse of the rules will grant you an increasing punishment. For example, each successive offense could result in…
        (1) Verbal scolding
        (2) Confiscation of items
        (3) Loss of privileges
        (4) Temporary ban 
        (5) Permanent ban from ours and all other AGC listed servers
    D) Admins and moderators have the final say in all issues! That means you listen to them, don't argue about something stupid.
    E) Getting the level seed, going into creative mode in single player, finding where the goodies are, and then getting them on the server is the same as
         X-Raying.  This should be common sense.  Since someone thought it'd be cute to argue, it's now officially in the rules. 
    F) No Impersonating Staff

II) Chat Rules (apply to Teamspeak as well)
    A) No spamming.
    B) No advertising other servers.
    C) Please try to keep swearing to a minimum. We don't give a fuck about this anymore.  Please try to watch it if you know young kids are on, though.
    D) Please keep public chat in English.

III)  Gameplay Rules
    A) Do not attempt to bypass the AFK kick. (E.G. using methods to keep your player moving when you are not at the keyboard)
    B) PvP is only for fun. You may not attack other players or steal their items.
    C) No Fly Mods, X-Ray Texture Packs, or other client-side mods that directly affect or modify gameplay.
    D) Don't mess with peoples' stuff or poke around in their base without permission.  Note that if a player's property is posted with appropriate warning signs, LETHAL TRAPS ARE ALLOWED!
    E) Please use the mods correctly. If there is an issue/bug with a mod, then it will be taken care of ASAP. Please don’t exploit bugs and always USE COMMON SENSE.
    F) Do not beg for free items, food, teleports, etc. from admins or mods. We are here to help you out; not to play the game for you!
    G) Do not use enchanted books to apply enchantments to items that can't be enchanted by putting it in an enchanting table.  If it won't go into a table, it's not meant to be enchanted.  Exception - Rotarycraft/Reactorcraft machines, using the enchantment method built in.
    H) Boring machines from Rotarycraft are only permitted in the mining world.
    I)  The use of mining lasers in scatter mode are strictly prohibited.  Additionally, firing a mining laser that damages someone else's property, EVEN BY ACCIDENT, is considered a griefing offense, and is punishable by ban.  If you insist on carrying them, treat them with the respect they deserve.
    J)  You may not use another player's Reactorcraft machines, nor any machines powered by them.  If you want to harness the amazing power of nuclear fission, learn the science and make the investment!
    K)  ANY Reactorcraft reactor must be inspected and approved by a member of the admin or moderation team prior to water being supplied to the steam boilers and the reactor being ignited for the first time.  The approving admin will issue a license in the form of a sign on the side of your reactor.  ANY REACTOR WITHOUT A LICENSE, AS WELL AS ANY CHUNKS THEY ARE IN, WILL BE REGENNED WITHOUT NOTICE.  Note that we are not certifying efficiency or safety, only that they are built properly for steam dissipation.  This is because improperly built reactors have the capacity to cause massive amounts of localized lag, thus potentially corrupting the map and requiring another map reset.  We're just checking to make sure you did it right, that's all.
    L)  Only two pebble bed reactors, one fission reactor, one breeder reactor, and one fusion reactor are permitted per complex.  Note:  This is not a per player limit, this is per complex, as in these limits apply for your entire group.  Any attempt to bypass this rule will result in the license for ALL reactors owned by that complex being revoked...with the accompanying punishment.
   M) The use of Mining Turtles is forbidden! [NO EXCUSES!]
   N) Cursed earth mob spawners are limited to 5X5. you may NOT use this with any other mob spawning methods.

IV)  Prohibited Items
    A) No "old fashioned" cobblestone generators.  Igneous extruders or item transfer node versions are acceptable.
    B) Quarry rules…
        1) 2 Buildcraft quarries, OR 1 boring machine/tunnel bore, OR 1 ender quarry per complex allowed.
        2) ONE quarry per chunk.
        3) No underground quarries.  The quarry must be clearly visible and at/near surface level.  Putting a roof over it is allowed.
        4) All Buildcraft quarries must be default size.  Ender quarries may be up to 64x64.
        5) NO automated mining in the Deep Dark. That is considered to be underground.
        6) All automated mining methods must be in the mining world, exceptions require approval from admin/moderation staff.
            6a)  You currently have permission, this rule is temporarily suspended due to lack of a mining world.
    C) Water is not to be used as an item/mob collection tool. Use pipes, belts, and all the other methods the mods put in place to collect items.
    D) No pumps in the nether.  PERIOD.
    E) No more than 1 SPAWNER per group active at a time.  This includes all autospawning mechanisms, vanilla spawner complexes, and cursed earth complexes.  You can HAVE multiple spawners, but only one may be active at a time!
        1) Autospawners cannot be used to spawn slimes or magma cubes.
    F)  Only one Minefactory Reloaded fertilizer is permitted per complex.
    G) Use of Arcane Bores in The End is prohibited.
    H) Using Funky Locomotion frames for mining rigs are prohibited! Using frames are allowed for anything that is not a mining rig... Within reason.
    I) No Mining Turtles
    J) No Thaumcraft Imbued Fires, or similar class of item, used in the nether.
    K) One RFTools dimension is allowed to be active PER GROUP at any given time.  You can have multiple ones, but only one can be running.
V) Base/Building Rules
    A) You cannot claim more than one oil deposit/oil biome at a time.
    B) Volcanoes (or other structures) cannot be claimed simply for resource collection. You must actually have your base/house there to prohibit others from using the area.
    C) There are several cities around the map, in addition to spawn, and the market. Please don't build too close to them.  In general, if you can see another player-built structure on your minimap you are probably too close to someone else.
    D) You must label all property in some way if you expect privacy.  If you don't, and people use your stuff, don't complain.
    E) Lethal traps are allowed in your base, but you must have adequate warning signs advertising that intruders will be killed.  If we can find a way into your base that isn't posted (and doesn't require tunneling under defenses like your local neighborhood griefer), it shouldn't be lethally trapped.

News and Announcements / Re: Good news and bad news
« on: March 09, 2017, 09:36:55 PM »
Actually now that you brought that up I'd rather just skip it. There's plenty of heating options for evaporation plants and power gen, and I'd rather we not have to spend our time policing people on solar usage.

News and Announcements / Re: Good news and bad news
« on: March 09, 2017, 09:20:30 PM »
True enough, it was mostly to provide another power option and allow for solar powering evaporation plants, but it's certainly not necessary

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